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 Belts from
Cork Belt (model RC-GL0104004001) from the manufacturer Robcork

Cork Belt (model RC-GL0104004001)

Belt made of real cork skin, with metal details (RC-GL0104004001)
 Belts from
Cork Belt (model RC-GL0104008001) from the manufacturer Robcork

Cork Belt (model RC-GL0104008001)

Belt made of real cork skin, with metal details (RC-GL0104008001)
 Tableware from
Cork jar (model RC-GL0301001001) from the manufacturer Robcork

Cork jar (model RC-GL0301001001)

Balde Corti
 Other from Other from
Cork Tie (model RC-GL0106001001) from the manufacturer Robcork

Cork Tie (model RC-GL0106001001)

Cork Tie (model RC-GL0106001001)
 Wallets/purses from
Cosmetics bag (model CC-1179) from the manufacturer Comcortiça

Cosmetics bag (model CC-1179)

Cosmetics bag(Model: CC-1179)
 Handbags from
Handbag (model CC-1205) from the manufacturer Comcortiça

Handbag (model CC-1205)

Mala (modelo CC-1205)
 Hand luggage from
Travel bag (model CC-1206) from the manufacturer Comcortiça

Travel bag (model CC-1206)

Mala (modelo CC-1206)
 Tableware from Tableware from
Wine & Bar series: Cork Screw (model: 130015) from the manufacturer Normann Copenhagen

Wine & Bar series: Cork Screw (model: 130015)

Vinho e Bar - Saca Rolhas corti
  • Cork - The new leather. Cork is beautiful, soft, durable, water resistant, elastic, sustainable, hypoallergenic, unique, lightweight, stain resistant, flame-retardant and flame-resistant.

About Corkfashion is proud to present our collection of gorgeous handcrafted cork fashion products made of selected cork from Portuguese Cork Oak trees - simply the best cork in the world.

Cork fashion accessories crafted with European quality and style.

Cork accessories are truly Eco-friendly and beautiful luxury products!

Browse our collection of cork hand bags, cork jewelry, cork wallets, cork belts, cork hats, cork articles for the kitchen or the bar and cork products for the bathroom.



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