Wine & Bar series: Cork Screw (model: 130015)

Vinho e Bar - Saca Rolhas corti

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Wine accessories in a natural design

Warmth, proximity and humour are the essential features behind Wine Cork stoppers, designed by Aurélien Barbry. The expression is organic, the function clear. The source of inspiration was traditional wine production, in which cork was used to seal the bottle.

Aurélien Barbry has created an original range of wine accessories, which ironically enough, use cork as the basic material. Each product has its individual expression and function, and altogether they create a complete unit.

Aurélien Barbry explains

My designs are based on objects in daily use. I redefine their use, and find new shapes and expressions to give new life to the object. Often, when you just drink one glass of wine a day, you lack a decorative, yet functional, stopper for the wine bottle. I think that it is interesting to use cork, which is an honest material, traditionally used as to seal bottles, for a series of Wine & Bar. For me, cork radiates a warmth and gives the series its natural look. Wine & Bar celebrates both the daily meal table and dinner parties

Collect them all

The complete Wine & Bar range contains three different wine stoppers, a combined stop and pourer, a drip catcher, foil cutter and beer and wine opener. The Wine & Bar range makes serving wine just for your self, or for a party, more of an occasion.


Aurélien Barbry


Cork & Stainless Steel

Bonus info

The cork series has already been featured on some of the worlds largest design sites like Dezeen, Notcot, Dwell and Designboom.

Product descriptionCork & Stainless Steel
Other informationMade in Denmark.
Cork is a renewable resource/nonanimal product.
Feather lite.
Water resistant.

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