Online Track & Trace - Follow the package on it's way to you.

You find your tracking number in the email we sent to you the day your products were shipped.  We ship with Public Mail, or Courier service.  Please see tracking links below. 
Track your shipment

For shipments with Public Mail:
• the tracking number
always ends with the letters PT - example of a tracking number: RC012345689PT (without any spaces in the number). Your products are sent to you from Portugal, so you can check the status of your shipment in the Portuguese Public Mail's "Track & Trace" plus in the online "Track & Trace" service from the Public Mail in your country (see links below).

Note, that
• the Public Mails online "Track & Trace" in your country may be active only from the day the shipment has arrived in your country
• the Portuguese Public Mails online "Track & Trace" can only track the package in your country if the Portuguese Public Mail has a "feedback" agreement with the postal services in your country


International shipments within Europe usually take 4-6 business days, or 4-12 business days if shipment to other destinations.  This is however not a guaranteed service, and the delivery time may be longer. Orders are often delayed when passing through customs in your country.  Please check in the online tracking service for your country, and with your local postal outlet or customs offices to see if the order is being held.

If you have not received your international order after 30 days, please contact us by email and provide your order number.
A Customer Care Specialist will review your order and respond to you with a resolution as quickly as possible.
If 30 days have passed and you still have not received your order, we will consider the package delayed and we will inquire the transport company about the status of the shipment.

 Online Track & Trace - Shipments by Courier

Shipping with Nacex Nacex online parcel tracking
(shipments within Europe)
Example of Nacex tracking number: xxxx/yyyyyyy
xxxx = Nacex Office, yyyyyy = The tracking number
Shipping with CTT Expresso CTT Expresso online parcel tracking
(shipments within Europe)
Example of CTT Expresso tracking number: FA123456789PT

 Online Track & Trace - Shipments by Public Mail

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 Country Track & Trace from abroad - Comments
Portugal Portugal (Origin country)  
Albania  Albania  
Austria  Austria  
Australia  Australia  
Belgium  Belgium  
Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina  
Brazil  Brazil  
Canada  Canada  
Cyprus  Croatia  
Cyprus  Cyprus  
Denmark  Denmark  
Finland  Finland  
France  France Items sent from Portugal to France cannot be tracked using the French Mail's website.
You can instead use the Portuguese Public Mails online "Track & Trace".
Germany  Germany  
Greece  Greece  
Ireland  Ireland  
Israel  Israel  
 Italy  Italy  
Luxembourg  Luxembourg  
Netherlands  Malta  
Netherlands  Netherlands  
Norway  Norway  
Poland  Poland  
Romania  Romania  
Russia  Russia  
Spain  Spain  
Sweden  Sweden  
Switzerland  Switzerland  
UK  UK Items sent from overseas to the UK cannot be tracked using the UK Royal Mail website.
You can instead use the Portuguese public mails online "Track & Trace".
USA  USA USPS used to show tracking info, but now they do not show tracking info anymore for packages from Portugal (and many other countries).
You can instead use the Portuguese Public Mail's online tracking (see link in the beginning of this list).